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JM Smart Inc.



Company introduction

The vision of JM Smart Co., Ltd. is to provide AI-based healthcare services so that all of us can lead a healthy and vibrant life. To this end, we found a way to go beyond the utility of human smart bands, which are revealing their limitations as a product that collects people's life logs, and established specific plans to sell products to all countries around the world.
We focus on the research and development of wearable technologies for pets. Our goal is to provide next-generation products that keep your pets safer, happier, healthier and more comfortable to interact with your family.

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PuppyDoc is an IoT device, which helps you to raise your puppies healthily and manage them systematically, by collecting the sunlight exposure and the activity level and also by analyzing the health condition of your puppies.

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Dog’s Activity level & Sun exposure , why are they important?

  • Dog s get Vitamin D from the sunlight like human.
  • Vitamin D from the sunlight helps prevent 50 to 80 percent of all cancers.
  • Sunlight has good effect on relieving joint pain in elderly dogs.
  • Sunlight creates melatonin that regulates the sleep wake cycle.
  • Sunlight plays an important role in your pet's mental health.

PuppyDoc, Pet Care Solution for Dogs

  • All day sun exposure, uv exposure activity level monitoring.
  • Auto set fitness goals applying AI by breed gender, age weight.
  • Tells the best way to manage dog's health by sun exposure activity.
  • Tells where your dog has been and what they've been up to.