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Company Introduction



StyleAR, AR Virtual Try-on


Company introduction

Deepixel is a visual intelligence tech-startup based on computer vision and machine learning. The goal of Deepixel is to establish better life through technological innovation by changing the way that people interact with the digital world (or computing environments) through intuitive and convenient user interface.

Deepixel has been developing StyleAR, a virtual try-on technology for the future of jewelry/beauty/fashion AR commerce. This virtual try-on technology is based on tracking and analyzing human hands and face in real-time that works across platforms using a monocular camera.


Content name

StyleAR, AR Virtual Try-on

StyleAR, AR Virtual Try-on Technology for Jewelry/Beauty/Fashion

Content introduction

StyleAR is combination of virtual try-on technology and AI-driven recommendation service for jewelry/beauty/fashion AR commerce that provides shoppers with a new shopping experience.

StyleAR can help shoppers enjoy a new shopping experience by seamlessly finding the best fit and style of the product for the shopper. Marketers can get more customer engagement and reduce the cost on return and exchange through StyleAR.

  • Increase Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement.
  • Capitalize on Contact-less Marketing in a new normal environment.
  • Provide with highly Personalized Service through Big Data Analysis.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction through AI-driven recommendation.
  • Easy to use and install across all e-commerce platforms