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Company Introduction


Yura Co.,Ltd.



Company introduction

Yura is a global top company that has been supplying automotive wiring harnesses since 1993. Currently, it is a specialized company that develops and supplies electric parts for famous automobiles and aircraft such as Hyundai Motor Company and Jaguar Land Rover.
Auto parts alone are recording $4.05billion in sales, and through this MWC visit, I would like to work with electronics and harness manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia.
CADvizor, developed through many experiences, would like to introduce to our customers how they make significant improvements in design, verification, quality, and delivery.

Main reference

Hyundai Motor Company, PLG, J2J, Hyundai Auto Ever, Hyeonse NTI, Taehyun System, Dongnam New Tech, Ichen, S-Tech System, Meritz Engineering, Kukje Machinery, Bumyang Electronics, etc...

ECAD market

  • Total market (TAM): $700 million (Main markets: North America, APAC, EU)
  • Adjacent market (SAM): KRW 304 billion (Main markets: Korea, China, Japan)
  • Secured market (SOM): KRW 40 billion (Main markets: domestic large companies and SMEs, automobiles, aircraft, semiconductors, etc.)

Content name

CADvizor was developed with over 17 years of expertise for engineers who are stuck in the iterative design approach, lack of parts libraries, and inefficient change management.
In most industries, higher customer expectations are driving more electrical devices into their designs. This requires the design of many different wires and circuits, and the traditional design method creates complex problems from design, verification, and production.
The automotive industry has been facing this problem for many years and has been using CADvizor solutions to solve problems such as production setbacks and recalls.
You can use it quickly and easily using AWS Marketplace or Cloud anywhere in the world.

Content introduction

CADvizor Logic

  • Wire and Net designs can be designed more than 46% faster than the existing method.
  • Trace management function for design errors (DRC Check)
  • Provides various reports on Connector, Wire, Option, and Symbol

CADvizor MFG

  • Product layout and assembly design can be designed more than 52% faster by linking with logic.
  • Optimized output and MBOM provided through modular BOM patent technology

CADvizor Simulation

  • Topology: Optimal cost, weight, path analysis simulation of the system
  • Voltage Drop, Short Current Simulation

CADvizor Dataportal

  • Over 2 million free parts library updated weekly